Close your Eyes ● Make a Wish 

Close your eyes. Now MAKE A WISH!  May my lashes grow over night. ☄ 

I make many of these eye designs on my way home from work. Takes my mind off work and I go into my creative mode. 

I have over an hour commute by train to get to and from work. Enough time to make some heads turn. When others see my hand they do a double take. My natural reaction is to giggle. I am really surprised it is only men who notice or at least are willing to approach me & ask if it is a tattoo. When I shared it is makeup they are shocked. They really believed it was permanent ink. Nope, just Anastasia, Lorac Cosmetics & Elf Cosmetics all over my hand. 

I have tested several eyeshadows for the first time on my hand even before my eyes. So many bright and darker colors I would not use on a day to day bases but love to see potential outcomes. Let’s just call it an expiermental phase for halloween. Oh how I love halloween makeup ideas. I will for sure be sharing those soon!


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